WRX VS Lotus = A very BAD DAY! 

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This was an unexpected, and expensive day out for everyone involved...
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25 nov 2020



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Mighty Car Mods
Mighty Car Mods 3 månader sedan
►Black Friday SALE 20% EVERYTHING + LUCKY DIP for all orders over $50. Use Code '20off' mightycarmods.com/collections/
Dewald Pretorius
Dewald Pretorius 2 månader sedan
Dewald Pretorius
Dewald Pretorius 2 månader sedan
Stephan Fourie
Stephan Fourie 3 månader sedan
Ah, I feel so sad for people who buy mid engine cars and dont get taught that the braking points and acceleration points as well as the driving line around a race track differ alot from most other cars and then think they bought shit cars because they dont behave like the cars they are used to.
marvin martin
marvin martin 3 månader sedan
Moog. Just watching you corner. You need better front tyres and a little softer front damper.
Mister Nobody
Mister Nobody 3 månader sedan
What tyres are you using? This generation of Elise/Exige need quite soft tyres otherwise it will be twitchy. It can be hard to find the right ones as there aren't many choices which actually work well on them. Yokohama AD07/AD08 were good but they don't make them anymore. There should also be absolutely no play in the steering at all, if there is then something is wrong. I'd advise fitting stronger toe links as well as OEM ones are known to snap under very high stress once they get old (if they haven't already been done, it's likely they have, check the condition of them too). Infact that should be the first mod as people have died as a result of those going!
TURBZ_20B ROTARY 5 dagar sedan
hey gents when's the rebuild time happing for the wrx gc8 sti? happy to start following the next stages/plains for it..
corvanphoenix 13 dagar sedan
So was the Lotus a swaybar issue too? Maybe they were just too stiff so you couldn't corner properly? Being too high for the suspension is a problem obviously too.
Steven Siwinski
Steven Siwinski 13 dagar sedan
Where's the episode with Marty fixing his STI?
Chris Mathy
Chris Mathy 15 dagar sedan
Correct me if im wrong but you were running a torbo back exhaust with the stock tune? Isnt that a garunteed recipe for engine problems?
YAMAURIXT500 22 dagar sedan
A Lotus can be frustrating to approach. There's so much less margin of error at the limit than with other cars. But once you figure it out, it gets extremely satisfying and you can chop cars that are much more expensive and 'faster'. About the oversteer, I would sart by checking if the shocks are still good and getting some stickier tyres. I had the same Yokohama Advans as Moog on mine and I could get it to powerslide with only 120hp. I was generally underwhelmed with that tyre. And when the left rear shock died it got a lot worse, of course.
Covert Garage
Covert Garage 17 dagar sedan
I agree with you and welcome to my channel about cars
baby yoda partake
baby yoda partake Månad sedan
First mod: baffled oil pan
baby yoda partake
baby yoda partake Månad sedan
So that EVO 9 was all just a dream?
baby yoda partake
baby yoda partake Månad sedan
Living that lotus lifestyle
Insane GymRat
Insane GymRat Månad sedan
Mid engine rear wheel drive car characteristics go against what your brain thinks, had an MR2 turbo that scared the shit out of me a good few times lifting of mid corner. Learned to keep my foot on the accelerator even when it starts to slide. Pendulum effect.
Zohaib Asif
Zohaib Asif Månad sedan
woow that supercharger whine sounds amazing. Never realized superchargers sound so good
saugerspeedster 2 månader sedan
Bad Driver. Lotus is a Car for good Driver 😉
KB FN 2 månader sedan
Moog is such a amateur driver cringe asf
Behraad Ariaye
Behraad Ariaye 2 månader sedan
Subaru reliability 😞
L Herrera
L Herrera 2 månader sedan
Moog you have really great listening skills , I could never 😂
Jonathan Conway
Jonathan Conway 2 månader sedan
Is that Rodney?!?! 😂😂😂 Poor marty
Koito rob
Koito rob 2 månader sedan
Did you get lift-off oversteer with the BRZ?
Koito rob
Koito rob 2 månader sedan
It's not supercar...
tommy riordan
tommy riordan 2 månader sedan
Stroker kit
Nik Bulanov
Nik Bulanov 2 månader sedan
sell wrx sti and buy evo 6
fariz ascariz
fariz ascariz 2 månader sedan
their face show how much they spend on it, how much they love their car. this is heartbroken moment..
Rome1017 2 månader sedan
*Killer B oil pickup and windage tray* They save EJs
D C 2 månader sedan
that lotus is pretty loose :D
Ray Wolfwinski
Ray Wolfwinski 2 månader sedan
As a Subaru technician I know that ticking noise all to well. Time to pull it and make it stronger and faster.
Brandyn Hernandez
Brandyn Hernandez 2 månader sedan
Lmaoooooooo ... Through back days. Pizza 🍕
Just Harry Johnson
Just Harry Johnson 2 månader sedan
Sounds like you need bigger ends lol. Hope you got it early and its an easy fix
KUNGFUFIGHTING 2 månader sedan
Full Sti swap?
Kenneth Larsen
Kenneth Larsen 2 månader sedan
Needs moar Yoda
MoVieZafterMidNiGhT 2 månader sedan
short wheelbases for very tight grip tracks.. audi s3 hatch rally grip racers.. u can adjust rear down force on lotus to increase grip
Strongboy 72
Strongboy 72 2 månader sedan
Moog nearly cleaned up the field. Great camerawork and great comments on those cars too guys.
toddms41 2 månader sedan
Not the Subaru!!! Sorry Marty. Moog just needs to ride along with a more experienced driver.
alexobviously 2 månader sedan
Marty: Heart break due to bearing failure Viewers: Excited for engine rebuild content? Me: Hopefully more Evo content!!
Jesse Valentine Portz
Jesse Valentine Portz 2 månader sedan
F for Subaru
Andrew Lofthouse
Andrew Lofthouse 2 månader sedan
Fix the Scooby.
Myster E46
Myster E46 2 månader sedan
I watched u guys from the beginning and I’ve never seen 2 grown ups being that much emotional, u guys are true car guys my heart and respect goes out to you
Kurt Sumthinorother
Kurt Sumthinorother 2 månader sedan
Build the subi, they are not really good until the bottom end is line honed, forged rods and crank, big studs, sleeved cylinders with solid deck insert. Once it's good for 800hp it will last forever at 450.
Kurt Sumthinorother
Kurt Sumthinorother 2 månader sedan
Stock bottom end Subis have one thing in common. It's not if it will blow up, it's when.
Kurt Sumthinorother
Kurt Sumthinorother 2 månader sedan
Lot of body roll for a track. Maybe bigger sway bars.
Hasziel Gonzalez
Hasziel Gonzalez 2 månader sedan
The disappointment on both their faces when the cylinder left the chat, broke my heart💔
Sam P
Sam P 2 månader sedan
Harness without hans device is not really the best idea out there.
Armani Gtr
Armani Gtr 2 månader sedan
this has to be my favorite SElosk channel!..
A.L. 2 månader sedan
Shane goes to TAFE - bring on the Frenzal
L[REDACTED] K[REDACTED] 2 månader sedan
The lotus may be Better over all but its also 100 times more sensitive to wheel and alignment setup. you'll get it right and you will be surprised how much faster you are! Well done boys
Iron Reed
Iron Reed 2 månader sedan
Whoah, this snuck into my playlist. Didnt even see the alert.
Matthew Sargent
Matthew Sargent 2 månader sedan
I am thinking the the Subaru could do with the best engine you can get..... an EJ20 Billet Block www.google.com/search?q=ej20+billet+block&oq=ej&aqs=chrome.0.69i59j69i57j0i67j69i60l2.3795j0j7&client=ms-android-samsung-gn-rev1&sourceid=chrome-mobile&ie=UTF-8
flying munk89
flying munk89 2 månader sedan
That intro. 🤣
god084 2 månader sedan
driver mods. Driver mods. Driver mods.
Paul Sinni
Paul Sinni 2 månader sedan
Hey guys whats the app you are using to get lap times
im'Rock 2 månader sedan
FBI Open up (c) Subaru
AC 2 månader sedan
Spin caused by lift off oversteer. I think you need some instruction if this is your first RWD mid engine car
Robin E
Robin E 2 månader sedan
Would definitely like to see the fix / rebuild 👍🏻
pete d
pete d 3 månader sedan
Nothing that a nu crankshaft kit and set of rods won't fix.................
Mr. Molina
Mr. Molina 3 månader sedan
Moog spinning in that track freaking scared me, glad that he only spun out ! And Marty's face when the sti started knocking just broke me. I had the same exact expression when I first started hearing a sound in my subie, except that Marty did hold back on those tears !
Piotr Kopczyński
Piotr Kopczyński 3 månader sedan
Google "lift-off" oversteer ;-) Hint: some cars are oversteering on lift-off so that you need to keep accelerating in corner (lightly) move weight on to rear wheels to get traction...
Janne Kokko
Janne Kokko 3 månader sedan
seems to be expensive to go to the track...
IvelLeCog 3 månader sedan
You should swap the 2.5 into the STI
Chris1312_YTC 3 månader sedan
Das ist das Problem mit Boxermotoren. Die erleiden zu schnell einen Defekt. Sehr anfällig obwohl sie sich so toll anhören... 😔
Eliot 3 månader sedan
I feel Martys pain firsthand. I had a v3 JDM STi swapped impreza, drove it like crazy for a year, then finally took it to the track and a couple over-revs (8250rpm fuel cut on those JDM ECUs) did it in. Rebuilt the motor and it did autocross for years afterwards, and then on to a new owner. I love those JDM EJ20s.
Jim Smith
Jim Smith 3 månader sedan
This just proves that adding more power is not the answer. It's the complete package that needs to improve handling and performance. You need a stability analysis otherwise upgrade to an Exige S. They are awesome and can handle the increased power. Good luck mate. Glad you are ok.
Julie Goodwin
Julie Goodwin 3 månader sedan
The reason why you span out was because you were had a mid rear engine car so if you press the brakes to hard you spin out
Jay Dunbar
Jay Dunbar 3 månader sedan
Garmin is ok, Rand McNally is better. Currently have a Garmin in my truck and it likes to tell me to take roads that don't exist. I also find them to not be as user friendly as the Rands but that is likely in large part subjective. Edit: since im sure people will assume its because of missing updates, no its not. It gets updated and it has roads marked across pastures and through forests that if they ever were a road its been decades. Yes I've had Rand GPS and Google maps do similar things, but not nearly at the same frequency.
Pepega 3 månader sedan
Sound just like my Miata when cold, dont worry its normal
Filip Mašek
Filip Mašek 3 månader sedan
new challange, find the cheapest possible used car to chop this :) my bet is any VW 1.9 TDI 96kw chiped :)
Jimbo Dee
Jimbo Dee 3 månader sedan
So I took away from that "You put the cheese in the middle of the doughnut" ? :P
HD K 3 månader sedan
Marty u did ur best. Moog u should take more class on real driving
Hard_Boiled85 3 månader sedan
'Ringland' Subaru #102,012
Rory Nesta
Rory Nesta 3 månader sedan
im surprised they havnt had an nsx yet.
juliosachump 3 månader sedan
I’ve seen too many subies die. Terrible engines
Peter Smith
Peter Smith 3 månader sedan
Why don't U get some driver training?
InSanityPurgeX 3 månader sedan
i like them but i don't. Not a fan how they can be super funky in the corners at high speed, super easy to spin out, but i also never had a lotus guy teach me how to drive it.. lol
Stubby Pickle
Stubby Pickle 3 månader sedan
Moog had a Butt Pucker Moment lol...
xpictos777 x
xpictos777 x 3 månader sedan
In light of the latest two videos this video should be called; Useless Lotus mechanics (twice) don’t pick up that literally “everything was way off on the setup, including suspension and brakes” before letting Moog go out and nearly get killed on the track.
Kurt Ringer
Kurt Ringer 3 månader sedan
Santa Cruz shirt spotted on Moog
Android 890
Android 890 3 månader sedan
Always enjoy your videos chaps cheer me up because unfortunately in the UK we've got bastards attacking our cars for catalytic converters and stolen mine out of my Civic Type R. Glad you were not hit on that spin it could have been bad when you get to know the limits of the car on the set up it will be awesome🤣👍
Dobstair _BMW
Dobstair _BMW 3 månader sedan
The moment he heard that knock... I'm so sorry for u marty 😥 but you fix it amd make it even stronger i know it ❤️ the low 1:50s f' it the high 1:40s are calling rexxy
Jack Walton
Jack Walton 3 månader sedan
Forged Rebuild!
Dzyn 3 månader sedan
aw marty my heart sank I'm sorry buddy
Kavinsky Smith
Kavinsky Smith 3 månader sedan
Check the anti roll bar bushings with that lotus, like put it on a lift and pull on them and see if their loose or if they've disintegrated, as that back end should not be coming around like its a flat 12 Ferrari testarossa or a similar midengined V12 grand tourer, as that things going out like a guy with a ferrari who's laying on the throttle way too much and has no grip.
Shane Hric
Shane Hric 3 månader sedan
Loves the shirt "Shane"
Fryman KikoMan
Fryman KikoMan 3 månader sedan
Sir your gonna have to learn how to drive a rear engined car! get one the lotus guys to teach you how. If you lift under load at speed, you lose!
Jason Young
Jason Young 3 månader sedan
Moog: Tighten the nut behind the wheel. By that I mean get some wheel time with an instructor, and get more seat time with the Lotus in general. If setup is in question and the rear end is coming around too easily, the rear is set up too hard - sway bar is too big, springs and dampers are too stiff, not enough static negative camber. I had a 2006 WRX wagon previously, I had put a lot of time and effort into, I had it for 12 years and many many upgrades. I knew that car inside and out when I sold it. I've had my IS350 Fsport (RWD) about a year and ~6,000 covid miles at this point, I still don't have a complete feel for it, I also haven't been able to push it much yet, but it's limits are much higher than I've driven it so far. I'll get there eventually, but I need more seat time, especially solo seat time (typically have the wife or kids in tow so I don't drive aggressively with them in the car). The Lexus is "stock" for now and I hope to keep it that way as long as possible, I have a project car I have been neglecting so the goal is to turn my eyes and wrenches to that as I just daily the Lexus. Related, a Lotus Exige of this era is my attainable dream car, so I do have a vested interest in it being on the channel more. EDIT: Marty - same to you, get some wheel time with an instructor, I don't think you've reached peak in the current setup.
Ricky Bobby
Ricky Bobby 3 månader sedan
re Lotus: don't waste you money throwing parts at it, its mid engine and needs a new approach to pedalling, get some coaching, learn to drive it and stick the OEM geo back on it, way better VFM than another 20bhp.
Samuel Kay
Samuel Kay 3 månader sedan
get a celica zzt231 2zzge motor :]
Steven Martinez
Steven Martinez 3 månader sedan
That sucks so bad it was going good. Iv done 2 rebuilds and one swap on my ej22 already and low and behold now I need a trans. But got to love the subie, there an amazing driving experience.
Kyle Morris
Kyle Morris 3 månader sedan
I hope we get to see a video of the engine rebuild!
NeutronicalGaming 3 månader sedan
Ya need REVS sir. redline that little bastard if you have to only way your catching the brz.
Leon DeSilva
Leon DeSilva 3 månader sedan
Lotus: short wheel base RWD. They are twitchy WRX: baffle sump Marty
Richard Gollen
Richard Gollen 3 månader sedan
damn i know that feeling, mid engine is a totally different monster on track compared to front engine, behaves so differently... well that and probably the 10 year old tires dont help either
Sean Edwards
Sean Edwards 3 månader sedan
That lotus seems like shes got alot more in her. Subaru on other hamd haha how unusual hahah
sparky1306 3 månader sedan
Do you guys have a Tow Truck on speed dial for track days? 😂 😭
TheLiquidKnight 3 månader sedan
EZ6 or 2.5 for the WRX?
Mike Morozov
Mike Morozov 3 månader sedan
i bet they both have more seconds to save in those cars, the lines were poor and not seeing the turns properly. They need to hire a track instructor
Gerrick Steve
Gerrick Steve 3 månader sedan
blown subie? NO WAY!
Robert Stevens
Robert Stevens 3 månader sedan
What ever happened to Miss Daisy's engine?
John Brinkman
John Brinkman 3 månader sedan
You haven't owned a Subaru till you have heard a big end knocking! Brought back memories of the STI IV Type R, also had a no.3 go at the track.
HARGRAVE'S CUSTOMZ 3 månader sedan
tires tires tires and suspension!! I'm sorry moog i know you expected more out of that car but, BUT you will get her there!! keep pushing it! MCM 4 LIFE!! lol been with yall from the start KEEP IT UP YALL!!!
Charlie Wolf
Charlie Wolf 3 månader sedan
You need to get an Oil Accumulator, Accusump or similar and a proper baffled sump before trying any High G sustained cornering. It's cheap insurance and way cheaper than rebuilding or purchasing a new crate engine.
Carlos Rivera
Carlos Rivera 3 månader sedan
Mid Engine and rear are very different from Front engine, growing up going to PCA events my pops only spun out a few times while I was with him in the 911 but it is an on/off on balance, the moment you lose it, with Rear and Mid the car is gonna go an no amount of correction is gonna help because the weight is all aft of you. But glad you are safe and the car is ok, but that spin was you at your limit not the car, like you said you have to get better acclimated with the car and you two will do awesome things amigo.
alkatraz nomadov
alkatraz nomadov 3 månader sedan
udovdh 3 månader sedan
One way to view Marty's STi 'bad day' thing is: Shouldn't the ECU guard against happenings like these in any way it can? A wrong shift (3 instead of 5) means a power cut, etc?
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