Modifying the LOTUS // LET THE MODS BEGIN (Epic Supercharger Sounds!!) 

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Modification begins on the Lotus Exige S240, plus we're contacted by the Lotus Factory in England!
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29 okt 2020



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Mighty Car Mods
Mighty Car Mods 4 månader sedan
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Арсений Блохин
guys, what's the song at 14:00 ?
SpazziJackazzi 4 månader sedan
Gonna luk sik in me PuBiTy tshirtt
clayhead78 4 månader sedan
Just downloaded all your tunes, very nice stuff, reminds me of a bit of old deadmau5 style👻
LINCS RACING 4 månader sedan
Are u going any further withe the lotus like stage 1 tune smaller pully maybe turbo conversion with bolt ons the sky is the limit with these cars
Caleb Jeffree
Caleb Jeffree 4 månader sedan
Should make a human slime t shirt as well
Levent Keskin
Levent Keskin 5 dagar sedan
You are livin this life. How much does it cost 50-60k pound? God damn soo cheap... It is almost (at least) 800k in my country... Just the dream...
Iboo 17 dagar sedan
I used to watch you a literal half a life time ago and im back now.
Iboo 16 dagar sedan
@Covert Garage no thanks
Covert Garage
Covert Garage 16 dagar sedan
Right! So you're welcome to my video blog about cars.
Matthew 18 dagar sedan
Lots Of Trouble Usually Serious, LOTUS
Joshua Pepperell
Joshua Pepperell 23 dagar sedan
Who pays for the cars
Aidan Whalley
Aidan Whalley Månad sedan
Just catching up on all your episodes after a few months off. These are great! I sincerely hope you had a chip butty after you made this 😂
YAMAURIXT500 Månad sedan
10:18 that was actually a thing i Switzerland. The official importer supercharged some Corolla TS's and sold them with warranty and all. Same with the 1st gen Yaris. That came turbocharged.
Azhule Månad sedan
Looking at this for my corolla ;)
jayjay gamez
jayjay gamez Månad sedan
Ahahah a chip butty, we do eat chip butties ahah
baby yoda partake
baby yoda partake Månad sedan
What engine is it?
baby yoda partake
baby yoda partake Månad sedan
I feel like moog should move on to ableton for production and post production for his music.
DontHurtMurt Månad sedan
mANNNNNNNN it is so sick Moog. I love it. I freaking love it
Jörg Sannwald
Jörg Sannwald Månad sedan
Your batterie might be german, because the Toyota Motorsport and Performance Center is in Colone Germany.
jimmy jams
jimmy jams 2 månader sedan
Lots Of Trouble Usually Serious,
Sterling Pettet
Sterling Pettet 2 månader sedan
My weird Aussie made Capri has a Mazda 323 gtx heart and chassis. Frankenstein cars are the best
Josh Abrey
Josh Abrey 2 månader sedan
Got a 2000 Volkswagen, still got the original battery, somehow its survived 20 years worth of canadian winter cold starts, helps that those tdis will start without glow plugs all the way down to about -15°C
Sean Wellsyaknow
Sean Wellsyaknow 2 månader sedan
i cant find any other videos dealing with super chargers in anyway ... are there any videos of adding chargers or just turbos ?
MassiveTrackHunter 2 månader sedan
That charge whine is sooo much better with that new open filter. What a car.
MassiveTrackHunter 2 månader sedan
So according to Lotus, it was loaded for Bear after all. Very cool to see one in real car guys' hands.
Paul Bodan
Paul Bodan 2 månader sedan
17:43 how they managed to put a blow off valve on a supercharged engine?
Adam Becker
Adam Becker 2 månader sedan
Sounds good! Your "whine" noises sounded like dial up internet lol
LockonStratos 2 månader sedan
Oh my good lord, it's been ages since I last saw Likes absolutely obliterate dislikes.
brixomatic 2 månader sedan
Wait.. have you just replaced a ram-airbox with a free standing filter to make the charger work harder (i.e. have a bigger pressure gradient)?
AmraphelofShinar 2 månader sedan
A British car with a Japanese engine and a German battery owned by an Australian- this car hates itself four times over.
Sebastian Eriksson
Sebastian Eriksson 3 månader sedan
Ahh! A Brittish car in its natural habitat, the shop
AL V 3 månader sedan
Beautiful car.
Dan Litt
Dan Litt 3 månader sedan
Nothing makes a man harder than a NASTY supercharger whine
DJHeroMasta 3 månader sedan
Need For Speed Heat introduced to this car last year and I've been hooked on it since! Once my new fanatec set arrives ima be driving that beauty in VR! And to see that you guys also have and are doing both performance as well as visual modifications on the same car that I plan on purchasing as my first vehicle (Subaru BRZ/FRS/86) is *awesome!* After watching a few videos about the BRZ I had subscribed but after I saw you had also purchased a Lotus Exige I flipped my shit lol. If if wasn't for me getting high off my horses and forgetting to turn auto play off, I probably wouldn't have heard about your channel until even later....
Muckman 3 månader sedan
Did you conduct a chassis alignment check before you bought this? If not I strongly recommend you do it ASAP.
Iconic Gaming
Iconic Gaming 3 månader sedan
Great video. Not gonna lie, the oil that I absolutely only use is Amsoil. probably the best oil I've ran in my car vs other brands that I've ran before.
Solar Flare
Solar Flare 3 månader sedan
As soon Lotus pick Toyota for their engines the depreciation charts for this manufacturer stop decreasing and star increasing.
Linearburn 3 månader sedan
I really want to Kswap that lotus
Matt 3 månader sedan
Should drive an Alphard it is a people carrier by Toyota which can keep up with an Elise lol
screwge84 3 månader sedan
I bet the previous owner is regretting selling this epic machine with every minute that goes by.
David Donaghy
David Donaghy 3 månader sedan
Who needs a stereo? I could listen to that engine sound all day.
Andrew Peach
Andrew Peach 3 månader sedan
I'm really confused, it's an S240, supposedly making 240hp from the factory. TF estimated it to make 135ish kw, then says it hasn't lost any ponies, but it makes about 60hp less than it should from the factory.... Have I missed something?!
Der Jikimi
Der Jikimi 3 månader sedan
I know where nomber 5 is its in Germany in "Rosbach" it had a crash and I repaired it it is still sitting in the workshop because of enciurance if you want to make contact ask "experience" cars on facebook
Connar Downes
Connar Downes 3 månader sedan
the new exhaust is awful! put the other system in pussies!
T8 W
T8 W 3 månader sedan
K series engine in the background. Maybe K swap the MR2 and have it VS the lotus for a PuRitY vs Purity style battle?
Dylan Silva
Dylan Silva 3 månader sedan
Song at 7:45???
Barry Linkiewich
Barry Linkiewich 3 månader sedan
10:49 grinding the socket strip into the paint with your elbow mate, rude.
Johnny Stoka
Johnny Stoka 3 månader sedan
Simply Sports Cars is pretty rubbish with their service as they could not diagnose a dirty fuel filter which had clogged up from a fuel tank with excessive rust particles .
jenst thomas jt
jenst thomas jt 3 månader sedan
The only thing i don't like about it is the paint, are you guys doing a detail to it?
Jeremiah Gill
Jeremiah Gill 3 månader sedan
Are those sailun r01 tires???
Shayne Clinton
Shayne Clinton 3 månader sedan
Moog don’t ever sell that car. The grins and joy it brings you are clear signs you’ve got the right car in your stable.
Jacob Babcock
Jacob Babcock 3 månader sedan
8:15 simply get a hammer and a lotus mechanic and hit it and wiggle it until he takes the exhaust off for you.
wgr3gz 3 månader sedan
“chip butteeee”💀💀
Kirk Jones
Kirk Jones 3 månader sedan
Kirk Jones
Kirk Jones 3 månader sedan
judd v8 engine in this lotus then twin turbo it with borg warners
KAVMCCESQ 3 månader sedan
You little ripper! Or as we say in Ireland - It's bleedin' rapid!
Gjdjd Gzhdj
Gjdjd Gzhdj 3 månader sedan
8:07 I hit the mechanic like you said... I was kicked out the shop and they kept my car 😆
Ben 3 månader sedan
normally hate the sound of superchargers but that sounds mint!
J D 3 månader sedan
some competition for you www.speedhunters.com/2020/11/cranking-an-exige-s-street-car-up-to-11/
L0RD SPARTAN 3 månader sedan
Celica engine not corolla for the love of god😑. The Celica had this engine first then the Corolla and the matrix. Then the Lotus. Mate I still love you guys no homo.home. The perfect oil is 5w-30 amsoil full synthetic. This car has a couple places to get better parts its called Monkey Wrench Raceing. There more but that is the biggest one.
Ed Wilko
Ed Wilko 3 månader sedan
Im english and currently eating a chicken tikka curry while watching you boys with keema nan bread and onion bargies 👍like you guys we eat most worlds foods all the time, pizza, kebabs, McD's you say macer's but both McDonald's, kfc, burger king, pizza hut, dominos, Italian, turkish, sushi lock stock the fucking lot 😉
Jimmy Neutron
Jimmy Neutron 3 månader sedan
Ooh lotus be next level yall
Hugo Santos
Hugo Santos 3 månader sedan
I loved driving this car (in need for speed, hehe)
Jeancharles Rabaux
Jeancharles Rabaux 3 månader sedan
Ha yes is the supercharger the good cars
Jeancharles Rabaux
Jeancharles Rabaux 3 månader sedan
Il y a déjà un gars qui lui a monter un v10 vipers dedans c est un monstre ca lotus sauf que le v10 bmw et meilleur désoler j adore dodge mais cher lotus tout et coller toutes les ailes tout et coller decu vos mieux lui monter un v10 M5 e60 is soo good motors
Jeancharles Rabaux
Jeancharles Rabaux 3 månader sedan
One lotus one motors v10 is the motors v10 the dodge ou the v10 bmw is the bmw is sooo good cars
Connor 3 månader sedan
"simply get a hammer and a lotus mechanic"
Ruadhri mac
Ruadhri mac 3 månader sedan
How cool is it that lotus actually got in touch with you to tell you the history of the car British engineering at its best 👍🏻
Asim Chaudhry
Asim Chaudhry 3 månader sedan
Slowly working his way up to a 911 track car
lakeshoresubtleties 3 månader sedan
How come the purity t-shirt looks like a (hed) p.e. logo and design?
Jordan Wiley
Jordan Wiley 3 månader sedan
I don't like anything not v shaped with 8 cylinders But that thing sounds niiiiice
Андрей Гурин
Андрей Гурин 3 månader sedan
Добрый время суток. Прошу вас не называйте двигатель corolla он от Celica 231 2zz-fe
No Turbo
No Turbo 3 månader sedan
you know its good cause they are giggling like little girls
Neil Gilchrist
Neil Gilchrist 3 månader sedan
Are you guys gonna make more content about this car?
Limonchiik 3 månader sedan
Guys, what song is on 14:05?
Martin Marinov
Martin Marinov 3 månader sedan
The sound this car now makes, just puts a smile on my face... soooo good!
Martin Marinov
Martin Marinov 3 månader sedan
Question. In the last video, you blurred the GPS SN but you didn't in this one. Did you forget and why is it important to be blurred?
Robert McKay
Robert McKay 3 månader sedan
What is Marty doing to the battery @13:05
Liam Ward
Liam Ward 3 månader sedan
"I'm used to buying Nissans that smell like bong smoke off the internet..." Hahahaha!!!!
Dan Pullen
Dan Pullen 3 månader sedan
Chip butteeee😂
Fraser Smith
Fraser Smith 3 månader sedan
Damn, I want a charged lotus now
Bob Bob
Bob Bob 3 månader sedan
A chip butty 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Swami-G 3 månader sedan
"What's a chip butty? A butty with chips in it!" I'm am crying!!!!!! That alone was worth watching the entire episode hahahahahahahaha
William Mauras
William Mauras 3 månader sedan
Love the Lotus. I saw this recently and this guy is definitely running magical unicorns in his Honda powered Lotus. selosk.info/class/video/haegp4Gf4IaKsKM.html
javidgt8 3 månader sedan
This channel makes my heart smile.
Zero 3 månader sedan
If your drone pilot keeps flying over highways like that you’re gonna get done by CASA my dudes. Please stop! 5:53 and 9:31
Ciaran Porritt
Ciaran Porritt 3 månader sedan
Yes!! K in a lotus!!
Jickmady Kulkarnisteakbacon
I’ve got to admit that this here Lotus Exige vehicle you blokes took under your wings is right up there with your R32 and the R32 drivetrain swapped Z car… and also one of the cars you purchased which wasn’t a complete turd to begin with.
Mr. Twister
Mr. Twister 3 månader sedan
What a car... maybe kswap it? ;)
Zach HT
Zach HT 3 månader sedan
Mom: What are you eating for breakfast? Me: A bagel bagel:
Jeff Juarez
Jeff Juarez 3 månader sedan
Roberts Klinsons
Roberts Klinsons 3 månader sedan
That Lotus whining sound remembered me about Lania 037 and Delta S4 supercharger+turbo sound.
Tyrell Sanchez
Tyrell Sanchez 3 månader sedan
8:55 .... Literally looks and sounds like he's barking like a dog 😂😂😂
Chris Honda
Chris Honda 3 månader sedan
Sick lotus !!!!!
Marios Anagnostakis
Marios Anagnostakis 3 månader sedan
what a car...
Wind of change
Wind of change 3 månader sedan
Basically a racecar for the road, it's awesome that lotus themeslves called you up.
Bayleigh Scott
Bayleigh Scott 3 månader sedan
eye spy a k series in the background... for the e30?
lexeindhoven 3 månader sedan
Lol.. first at lotus they put the protectors on.. then at 10:50 marty is pushing the tools into the rear wing paint not giving a f...
Baerzilla 3 månader sedan
Im insured on racetracks. Full coverage. Just no races, but trackdays are fine.
Brian koz
Brian koz 3 månader sedan
They've sure come a long way since the "Budget DIY Lip Kit with Garden Edging " video 😁
Brian koz
Brian koz 3 månader sedan
Thank you all for all the support on these Valhalla videos. If you want to watch all 3 in one go I've made a playlist so you can sit through all 3, the way I originally intended it to be! See you all on Tuesday for the start of our Valhalla stream series, first episode will be live on this channel, with the archive and subsequent episodes being on LazerzZLive selosk.info?list...
xWHOGAFx 3 månader sedan
That sounds soo good
xWHOGAFx 3 månader sedan
Battery last one year in Arizona usa
Riemenschneider 3 månader sedan
Why are you using such a heavy battery though? AGM with half the weight aren't even more expensive.
John Josephson
John Josephson 3 månader sedan
@Riemenschneider yeah that's an easy weight reduction then. I had a quick search after I commented before and found that apparently they are lighter, just not something I expected considering they're still a lead based battery. Good to know.
Riemenschneider 3 månader sedan
@John Josephson I used to run an 18 Ah AGM battery in my Integra, went down from 13kg/28 lbs to 7kg/15 lbs. Cheapest weight savings other than just throwing stuff out.
John Josephson
John Josephson 3 månader sedan
You reckon AGM is lighter? I wouldn't have thought there'd be much difference.
Lee Upton
Lee Upton 3 månader sedan
Isn’t this motor a Toyota / Yamaha collaboration? 2zz right?
Brantyn 3 månader sedan
Hey guys, I am 99.9 % sure i've seen the other Lotus in Calgary Canada. Old boss has an evora S and I saw a car downtown and knew it was an Exige thanks to good ol Forza Motorsport 7 having raced both in-game. Not sure about the special edition, but it was black, and looked identical to the one you've bought as far as I can remember. The roof scoop was very memorable.
WRX VS Lotus = A very BAD DAY!
Marty's new car (is not a car)
We're Gonna Need a Torch