JDM Kei Truck & Jimny 4X4 Adventure [OFF ROAD FEATURE FILM] 

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In this feature length season finale, Marty and Moog take their modified cars off the beaten track for a multi-day adventure!
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24 dec 2020



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Mighty Car Mods
Mighty Car Mods 2 månader sedan
Thank you to everyone who has supported MCM for another year. We hope you enjoy this feature length finale and we can't wait to create more epic videos for you in 2021. Stay safe and Merry Christmas. Marty & Moog
Logan Taylor
Logan Taylor 6 dagar sedan
A V 9 dagar sedan
Go with a Goldwing engine swap into the Kei Truck! :)
BeersAndBacon Gaming
Can you post the recipe for your balls? Sounds great!
Max Johnson
Max Johnson Månad sedan
RockingMarshall Månad sedan
Cant you collab with 4wd 247?
Rav Sins
Rav Sins Timme sedan
This was beautiful guys. The land there reminds me of the American ozarks if you’ve never been it’s worth a visit
Patrick Montgomery
Patrick Montgomery 15 timmar sedan
song in the Mount panorama scene?
Frank Nickell
Frank Nickell Dag sedan
Sorry but I had to unsubscribe too many commercials
Roy Stocks
Roy Stocks Dag sedan
Chubby God
Revengeful Lobster
Revengeful Lobster 2 dagar sedan
Mighty Top Gear Car Mods! Hell yeah! My call sign (or handle in American cb lingo) would be Money Shift, for my epic 5-2 shift at the track. Leading to my maaaad new engine! This was great, like a super My Town with my favorite car guys. Not only did you two have an epic adventure, you also made your world a better place. You guys are an amazing credit to car world. And that steak looked amazing!
Sam Beatty
Sam Beatty 2 dagar sedan
It's so weird seeing people walk into a gas station w/o masks... Wait, this was made in 2020?
GLITCHD 3 dagar sedan
Microwavelicker is my callsign from now on
Anthony Lipai
Anthony Lipai 3 dagar sedan
Call sign from Kansas City Missouri “SpidermonkeY”
Jamie Rucker
Jamie Rucker 3 dagar sedan
Let's see the MCM - 4WD 24-7 CROSSOVER!
will broccolo
will broccolo 4 dagar sedan
This is my face episode of the show ever.
STARSHIP_TO_MARS 4 dagar sedan
Alright who got the domain? :)
Ionut Macinoi
Ionut Macinoi 4 dagar sedan
I love this guys!
Shalami 4 dagar sedan
will we see some more kei tipper off road mods?
The Amazing Knight
The Amazing Knight 4 dagar sedan
My call sign shall be dropout dude.
Paku Liew
Paku Liew 5 dagar sedan
Every single scene in this movie is just gorgeous, you'd never ever see a Kei truck going through anywhere like that otherwise. The most beautiful thing though, is seeing so much nature come back to those blackened trees. Wholesome stuff.
Richard Solway
Richard Solway 5 dagar sedan
Cracking steak recipie! Keep up the good work lads!
Sticky 5 dagar sedan
Fat American.....
ambread allan
ambread allan 5 dagar sedan
Just got out of the big house after nearly 2years and first ch I put on was MCM keep up the good work lads ,first class entertainment.🥳
Chambo289 6 dagar sedan
This is perfect. Moab Utah Calls you! Overlanding 🇺🇸
Ryan Bishop
Ryan Bishop 6 dagar sedan
Call sign is "dick kicker".
Zach 6 dagar sedan
This is legit grand tour quality
Brandon Walter
Brandon Walter 6 dagar sedan
Easily one of the best mini-films I've watched. Got a Top Gear vibe from it. We need more adventures like this! Badass stuff guys!
Ben Lucid
Ben Lucid 6 dagar sedan
This pivot is really enjoyable. Good stuff lads. 12 months from now, I can see your worlds clashing, and you doing some nuts mods on some iconic 4x4s... land cruiser troopy with a 4JZ swap anybody?
SDR09 _Grey
SDR09 _Grey 6 dagar sedan
my callsign tiny anger
Rolled Potatoes
Rolled Potatoes 6 dagar sedan
gordom ramey has left the chat
David Ayotte
David Ayotte 6 dagar sedan
really love this one ! Im begining in this overland stuff ! I'm "building" a Kona and it'"s amazing !!! love your stuff guys !!!
Rolled Potatoes
Rolled Potatoes 7 dagar sedan
ROCK OO OOO OOO ROCK OOOO OOOOO OOOOO ROCK OO OOO OOO ROCK eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee WE LOVE ROK
Rolled Potatoes
Rolled Potatoes 7 dagar sedan
im really high. this is awesome my dudes.
Katyusha_Gaming 7 dagar sedan
“Your in Justin’s girlfriends box” XD
Dean Barrett
Dean Barrett 7 dagar sedan
Fantastic fellas thanks for sharing your adventure with us.
Rex M S
Rex M S 8 dagar sedan
Get Marty a Gen 1 Vitara, lift it 2", put bigger tires then add headers and a turbo. Look up Pump that Zook in SElosk.
t4thfavor1212 9 dagar sedan
1:07:24 "Yes, it is"
t4thfavor1212 9 dagar sedan
The snork needs a paint can too in case of splash or rain.
t4thfavor1212 9 dagar sedan
Joe Y
Joe Y 9 dagar sedan
1:02:33 Can get down anything in my Corolla
Rowdy Ryan
Rowdy Ryan 9 dagar sedan
Dylan Hawkins
Dylan Hawkins 9 dagar sedan
Best mcm episode yet
goulash75 9 dagar sedan
Are you guys trying for a job on 4WD 24-7? Cause you've got the format down pat! Tough trucks, spotting your mate through the tough stuff, stinky water holes... You were just missing two things: More beer during the cooking segment and advertising your sponsors every two minutes.
Riho Välk
Riho Välk 10 dagar sedan
Song name at 52:35 ?
Kieron Troy Jansen
Kieron Troy Jansen 11 dagar sedan
Need a double or triple like button awesome guys thanks for the entertainment
Cash Owens
Cash Owens 11 dagar sedan
"Oh this one looks a little deep" *water covers half of wheel*... I fucking love you guys. Keep it real. Keep it hype.
Nigel Holme
Nigel Holme 11 dagar sedan
A massive thumbs up for the cinematography on this episode! Movie length entertainment for free. Awesome work guys :)
Mr. Old Man Overland
Mr. Old Man Overland 12 dagar sedan
Also... Thank you for wearing manly shorts and shirts. I was beginning to think that all Australian men wore daisy dukes and wife beaters. I don't have the legs, nor biceps to pull this off myself. Good to see cargo shorts an tee-shirts are acceptable in the bush! By the way, the sent of Justin Bieber's girlfriend has been known to arouse wildlife here in North America. This may have been what triggered the late night roo-orgy!?
Brass Monkee Gaming
Brass Monkee Gaming 12 dagar sedan
SEND IT XD hahaha
Russ Cattell
Russ Cattell 13 dagar sedan
"You are into Justin Beeber's girlfriends box" got me, I'm now gonna watch all the video.
Mr. Old Man Overland
Mr. Old Man Overland 13 dagar sedan
I have watched your videos for years, but THIS was by far the best you've done! Well done mates! Way to keep things real!! 👍
Tyler Thomas
Tyler Thomas 13 dagar sedan
I just realized Turbos & Temples was 9 years ago. My guys. You have come so far and still, continue to produce amazing content. Keep it up!!!!!
Easy Spaniel Training
Easy Spaniel Training 13 dagar sedan
I saw those legs and they reminded me of cheap KFC
C_Holding 85
C_Holding 85 13 dagar sedan
I'd be the specky Spartan
John- 14 dagar sedan
I absolutely loved this episode. You two had a great couple of days. I love the outdoors so this was excellent.😁
ollie uber
ollie uber 14 dagar sedan
you got them T-Rex lookin deer. goofy
Steve darcy
Steve darcy 15 dagar sedan
Awesome 4x4 adventure. Amazing little trucks, and amazing guys driving them. Fantastic scenery, great content, what a country the great outback is, you lucky people you. Seeing the way the trucks preformed, I’m definitely going to buy a Jimny and do some mods. Thanks guys and stay safe.
Moua Xiong
Moua Xiong 15 dagar sedan
Thier camera man can off road and record at the same time.. Hes an expert track driver. And full time off roader
MrGreatBuilder 15 dagar sedan
So fantastic! more mini suv's and trucks!!!!!
jlyonia 16 dagar sedan
Steak Murder.
Brgnalf81 17 dagar sedan
BEst internet site evah. Steak, vegan sausage and ... well, that's it.
Jay Hare
Jay Hare 18 dagar sedan
My callsign shall be Chubby Dragon
Covert Garage
Covert Garage 17 dagar sedan
I agree with you and welcome to my channel about cars
Bertrand Melomane
Bertrand Melomane 18 dagar sedan
This is so cool
Covert Garage
Covert Garage 17 dagar sedan
Right! So you're welcome to my video blog about cars.
Captain Sensible
Captain Sensible 18 dagar sedan
I've been too busy with work. Just catching up on your mad vids :) This was awesome! If I have to change my UHF handle to your rules (ie. Something I have that's not great, and something awesome) then my new handle will be.... Schlong Comet
Aro800 18 dagar sedan
Another great video, very informative, you guys are awesome ambassadors for our beautiful country and damn funny. Love the cooking segment slotted in the middle. Will try it next time cooking a steak. Thanks again legends!
Slow_S13_KA-t 18 dagar sedan
hope for more offroad videos in the near future
UpangtheMan 18 dagar sedan
Depressed Boogeyman
Ignas Lukosius
Ignas Lukosius 18 dagar sedan
2 inch punisher
tyreek 19 dagar sedan
Was I the only who was sad when they stopped being friends for a while
James Hisself
James Hisself 19 dagar sedan
Call sign: Tender Balls
Positivity Is Limited
Positivity Is Limited 19 dagar sedan
My new callsign is hemorrhoid warfare
5h33p_57yl3r_4u7 19 dagar sedan
a silvermine experienced a goldrush. thats nice chopped alchemismn :D
Arthur Lee
Arthur Lee 20 dagar sedan
Just Some Random Person
I’m in love with the little Daihatsu... where can i buy one in the netherlands?
Jay DrifterFPV
Jay DrifterFPV 20 dagar sedan
Is there behind the scenes?
Steve McRichards
Steve McRichards 20 dagar sedan
This may be one of only two "first-times" where you may need to bring a "raincoat" every time. Wait for it -- off road innuendo. I thought your destination at the end of the trip might be there. Well done keeping it a bit of a secret while hinting it in the feature title.
Marshall Smith
Marshall Smith 21 dag sedan
NSW looks so similar to Alabama. I have noticed how in other videos Tasmania looks super similar to Alabama also! beautiful land. I guess thats why its called "Alabama the Beautiful" and now I feel the same for NSW. The rock formations and the hills are so similar its strange
XPFourty 21 dag sedan
I enjoying the video, more content like this mate! Really love this two Kei Cars 😍
AdamBurdock 21 dag sedan
I demand a 4wd action colab !!! hahaha
John D
John D 21 dag sedan
I am Lazy Mantis
STKS 21 dag sedan
Fat Finance
Kory Porter
Kory Porter 22 dagar sedan
This was a great feature film, absolutely loved it!
Crop Duster
Crop Duster 22 dagar sedan
It’s child abuse to deprive a kid of meat in their diet!
Beyond Reality [CD10]
Beyond Reality [CD10] 23 dagar sedan
I fucking love that the page actually exists. XD
Sean W
Sean W 23 dagar sedan
8:20 Grand Wizard
Alden Crabb
Alden Crabb 23 dagar sedan
My call sign is crabby bastard.
Denesh Baboolal
Denesh Baboolal 23 dagar sedan
Short Hammer lol
Liam Karl
Liam Karl 23 dagar sedan
never been in a 4x4 off roader.. never been interested in them until i watched this film! MCM never fails to deliver! loved every minute! Thanks to all involved. n oooooo those steaks look perfect
nate clips
nate clips 23 dagar sedan
g'day! great film gents. a JDM kei truck is now in my future!
jcmedinaceli 24 dagar sedan
Barbecue comes from the spanish word “barbacoa” which is how the spanish conquers understood the word that the caribbean indians named the way they cooked their food🤓
Aaron P
Aaron P 25 dagar sedan
MCM & 4WD 24-7 collab when?
Macca Macca
Macca Macca 25 dagar sedan
Welcome to the life of awesomeness.
Sidney Griffiths
Sidney Griffiths 27 dagar sedan
What a great little video!
fardreaming 27 dagar sedan
Quality content. Nice one guys.
Ryan Riley
Ryan Riley 28 dagar sedan
Probably the best thing about MCM is the evolution of the show, I’ve been here since 2011 and love the direction you guys went. This episode was so fun to watch and would love more season finales or other hour long episodes that cover some type of challenges or builds. Well done lads.
QUI LOR 28 dagar sedan
Superb adventure 😊 I enjoyed this video. Blessed 2021 everyone 😊
Cam 28 dagar sedan
My call sign is PenisHemi
daDonn 28 dagar sedan
Car people categorisation probably occurs because most people can't afford multiple cars to span multiple categories?
daDonn 28 dagar sedan
Vili's pie - good old SA rep!
project Balrog
project Balrog 28 dagar sedan
Gordon Ramsey disliked this
eugz 92
eugz 92 28 dagar sedan
Love these 4wds episodes give me more. Epic content
MassiveTrackHunter 29 dagar sedan
Love the reference to TimTams. Had an Aussie friend at work named David introduce me to them on one of his trips to the States. Quite good, especially as a TimTam coffee slam. This was many years ago. Now they are showing up in our stores in Ohio. Love em.
MassiveTrackHunter 29 dagar sedan
Looks like fun! Here is the big brother, parting waters. selosk.info/class/video/n2JnznGc2GSanHk.html
baby bangin’
baby bangin’ 29 dagar sedan
you could start an Australian top gear
William Foster
William Foster 29 dagar sedan
Since when are fire trails considered "off road"? Watching them air down tires for these trails is hilarious.
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