FINAL BATTLE | $2000 Modified Car Challenge 

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In this epic episode, the MCM boys go head to head in a series of incredible challenges to see which $2000 modified car is the ultimate winner of this budget challenge. They'll be competing in a series of fun submitted challenges including drifting, burnouts, drag racing, and many more! But who will be the ultimate winner?
Will it be the TOYOTA SERA - a turbo converted show stopper?
Or the Nissan NX-R Coupe - A "proper" sports car by the iconic SR20 engine?
Two cars will enter, but only one will leave in the ultimate $2000 nugget battle!
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Also something to note around Mighty Car Mods: we are normal guys and are not trained mechanics. We like to make interesting car mods and show you how we've gone about it, but we can't promise that anything we show you will work for your particular car, or that you won't harm yourself, someone else, your car or your warranty doing it. Please be safe, be responsible and unless you know what you're doing, do not fool around with very serious machinery just because you've seen us make it look so easy. Talk to a qualified mechanic if you are in any doubt. Some of the products featured in this video may be supplied by sponsors. For a list of our current sponsors please go to mightycarmods.com

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14 okt 2020



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TsarCasm 59 minuter sedan
Is this moavie..?
Chanquete Perez
Chanquete Perez 4 dagar sedan
I have nissan 100 nx incredible
Chanquete Perez
Chanquete Perez 4 dagar sedan
Nissan 100 nx número 1👍
mitchell brady
mitchell brady 10 dagar sedan
Where you guys looking to get a 2 grand car like that ?
Bootleg SiR
Bootleg SiR 10 dagar sedan
The noises those things made in the drag race were super like NFS:U2.
rambz 15 dagar sedan
their bong jokes consistently are way too funny🤣🤣
Narayan Patterson
Narayan Patterson 17 dagar sedan
We need stickers of the NX, I have an NX and I want to be that corny prick riding around with a sticker of one on mine. I already ordered a t-shirt with an NX on it lol
Yordan Sanchez
Yordan Sanchez 22 dagar sedan
In USA a Sera is more then 10k$ Cars are cheaper in Australia!!
Minindu Wanigasekara
So sad
Anders Prahl
Anders Prahl Månad sedan
A hero with the drone
Genesis FPV
Genesis FPV Månad sedan
Whos the pilot!?? - beautiful cars 🤤
Alex Kazarossian
Alex Kazarossian Månad sedan
Why cant we have cars that look and have fun features like these? Bring back the 90s - insert running in the 90s -
Covert Garage
Covert Garage 16 dagar sedan
I agree with you and welcome to my channel about cars
MOTOR SPIRIT Månad sedan
Better drag race than that bullshit Hoonigan series 😂
Refinish Bros
Refinish Bros Månad sedan
I love when you guys do these man greeting from us
aiden panda
aiden panda Månad sedan
Dude completely stopped everything just to look at a butterfly 😂😂
Triple M Gaming
Triple M Gaming Månad sedan
999k views is so satisfying
Brock Didenko
Brock Didenko Månad sedan
“We will tug each other in our show cars” thought that was going in a very different direction
Richard Månad sedan
What cost a decent automatic toyota sera over there than??
Dray Dray
Dray Dray Månad sedan
It's the fact that the car is fresh and looks clean but yet looks busted up🤣 I still like em though
ZE4LE Månad sedan
make a mid engined car! that would be awesome especially if you managed to turn the NX coupe into a mid engined car hahahaha
Jacob White
Jacob White Månad sedan
One thing I'm curious about guys u should do a commy vs Ford challenge as commys use to be Australian built and would be an interesting test to see how much they work
Chris Rowe
Chris Rowe Månad sedan
V6 twin turbo in a 610 sss coupe crack on if poss xx
i thought marty was bad bunny when he first got out of the sara xD
Reed Stemen
Reed Stemen 2 månader sedan
These care are cool in their own way, I like them.
Yado 2 månader sedan
I'm only here because I just saw this Sera up for sale on Facebook 🤣
adrian osorio
adrian osorio 2 månader sedan
Marty SPRINTING for his life as Moog is hauling straight toward him
Sergei Semikašev
Sergei Semikašev 2 månader sedan
Itäs Jimbo, like the one for South Park :)
Simply Vibin
Simply Vibin 2 månader sedan
“next up is the drive by” “like if you wanna go past a church”
Yudisthir Raghunauth
Yudisthir Raghunauth 2 månader sedan
I have a Toyota sara it crash but I can't get parts to fix it
Kodi Burnham
Kodi Burnham 2 månader sedan
If you go on Facebook market place and type mcm the sera up for 7k 😲
Stephen Capel
Stephen Capel 2 månader sedan
I did so much work on that Toyota on a disability pension after PTSD problems in and would seriously like to have that Toyota to restore i have done worse in my day is can restore it , would be really good for me to have a project that will keep me busy for a year or to seeing it can paint and panel , rebuild engine and transmissions ,let me know it's not to late live in northern NSW now near where you filmed in the dirt roads in the LS1 Kingwood ,love a project like more i owned one of them in my youth that would make a bad year a little brighter for someone the struggles with the PTSD i bit anyway just made me feel good to see something i worked hard on still alive just.old Holden would be good help me find one i could afford need a project to get me moving again i broke my knee last January after i long in and out of hospital, sorry to much of that good memories anyway for me of better days driving old Holden's and working on that Toyota
REMOVED 2 månader sedan
I just seen it on Facebook for $7000 ono
Stephen Capel
Stephen Capel 2 månader sedan
If you still got the Toyota i would love to restore it again brings a tear to my eye think of the sera getting crushed
Stephen Capel
Stephen Capel 2 månader sedan
Those big wheel and tyres allways had shockingly no grip and allways smoked alot funny
Stephen Capel
Stephen Capel 2 månader sedan
Know way the Toyota wins hands down just because there was so little numbers made and it's way cool get a good set of sixteens on it and put the 1.5 liter bottom end back in with the moded turbo and the pig back and tune it was a rocket ship those wheels were only ever ment for show and shine events not driving on be good to se it in its former glory ,or better still put the drive line and rear diff assembly in from a Toyota selica 2.2 rally version that was what i tried to talk the owner into doing i looked at it and not hard to do turbo uoder could do it with his eyes closed
Stephen Capel
Stephen Capel 2 månader sedan
I remember drinking that Toyota there when it red in the blue mountains and upper cole low "and i know that it's how it's spelt sorry i am shocking at spelling" not the point when we rebuild the motor and turbo and it was hi flowed and custom front impeller on the turbo i drove it for the run in and what basic tuning the was available in piggy back form worked ok was a blast to drive in those places in that car right there is just a blast so good
Stephen Capel
Stephen Capel 2 månader sedan
I can't believe how many mods on the sera are still there if it were red still would still look the same as when you i re did the car up it was never quite finished when it came to the shop fun to work on and really enjoyable fun to drive really really cool to see it re minds me of my 30 s
Stephen Capel
Stephen Capel 2 månader sedan
I fitted the second starlet engine for the second owner and i welded the exhaust system in the shop i ran in Penrith when that car was just been painted red metallic pearl it's so cool to see it's still around if not a little sore now and sorry looking it was a really really nice car and i was loaned it to drive when my car broke down , good memories
I_like_drawing 2
I_like_drawing 2 2 månader sedan
Fast and furious vs initial D anyone think the same?
MassiveTrackHunter 2 månader sedan
Always fun to watch these competitions. The drone drive was the best
Jee Hill
Jee Hill 3 månader sedan
I like the puddle at the end hahaha
byankos 3 månader sedan
I was all good til the burnouts and ToW... :-[ What a waste of cars and resources and the destruction of some great cars... terrible....
Matthew Drerup
Matthew Drerup 3 månader sedan
at 38:17 a tint gets blown away lol
Dolamite TheBoss
Dolamite TheBoss 3 månader sedan
I kind of feel like that Toyota is a sister car to the geostorm something in the body
Dolamite TheBoss
Dolamite TheBoss 3 månader sedan
Munching on the meat 🧐🤣🤣🤣☺️
Dolamite TheBoss
Dolamite TheBoss 3 månader sedan
Very cool '90s nostalgia I love the butterfly doors we never got that one in America but I have to say the Nissan is kind of sexy
HI808AF STATE 3 månader sedan
I have 2 good frenz that here in Hawaii. But they are called an NX2000 because of the engine. One of these friends also did a s14 sr20 swap into the NX and still it was FWD. But With his opinion back than (2000-2001) wasn’t worth it
AJ 3 månader sedan
37:31 Drip Drip, I'm moist
AJ 3 månader sedan
Those transitions take me back to 2sexy vs wasaabi
AJ 3 månader sedan
10:44 Oh yeah that sounds like Maccas car park on a Saturday night back in the 1990s. Spot on!
AJ 3 månader sedan
6:24 Dude you got chopped hard by that kangaroo haha!
gofres 3 månader sedan
Marty surely wins this. He was in the 80s documentary "back to the future" and that came out in the late 80's!
Mikey P
Mikey P 3 månader sedan
Nx sounds like shit
dylan estethuizen
dylan estethuizen 3 månader sedan
Hi Marty and moog I'm a huge fan of yours from Zimbabwe I love watching your guy's videos and some of your videos have helped me work on my own car I wish I could get I car like the Toyota Sera or the Nissan nx coup in Zimbabwe
Joren Perez
Joren Perez 3 månader sedan
*Is confused in American*
Connor Garcia
Connor Garcia 3 månader sedan
Anyone know the background edm song that played in the very beginning?
L4NDSH4RK 3 månader sedan
Goddamn, you guys have a ton of fun hahaha
Radblue Panda
Radblue Panda 3 månader sedan
Does the nx have back seats or is it a two seat car
James Family
James Family 3 månader sedan
I’d rather have the nx
Christian Ortiz
Christian Ortiz 3 månader sedan
I want to try this Game mode! whooooooh!
Jacob 3 månader sedan
Where the fuck you get modified cars for 2000
Enmanuel Gaming
Enmanuel Gaming 3 månader sedan
Where's the min guy?
Ben Usaf
Ben Usaf 3 månader sedan
hahahaha, about to slate his kicks, "yeah the missus bought them for me", "baws, fuck your krptonite"
Ruben Centro
Ruben Centro 3 månader sedan
shame moog cheated the whole time
Bennett Aromin
Bennett Aromin 3 månader sedan
I swear the Entrance in the start of the video was the coolest I have seen
SpoolySnail 32
SpoolySnail 32 3 månader sedan
I think I would chose the Toyota and replace the engine, wheels and cut the fenders to get rig of that rust, j really like the look of those, always have.
nooranik21 3 månader sedan
I've watched a lot of MCM videos over the years, and this is the first one I can think of that has an actual kangaroo.
Sean Davidson
Sean Davidson 3 månader sedan
Don't watch if your American. Once again you will curse extensively.
chris macphee
chris macphee 3 månader sedan
The green one would be sick with new rims maybe wilwood brakes, and a wrap that’s dark🔥🔥🔥
Drink Clear Water
Drink Clear Water 3 månader sedan
Nvm, changed my comment
Drink Clear Water
Drink Clear Water 3 månader sedan
Title should be "two japanese ricer cars compete against each other"
J Who
J Who 3 månader sedan
“Coming OUT OF JAPAN”?? You mean coming out of Sydney.those cars have nothing to do with Japan the way they’re styled
Agni Das
Agni Das 3 månader sedan
Better than the Australian Top Gear tbh. That Nissan engine sounded mean also :)
dominik pajda
dominik pajda 3 månader sedan
What IS that song in background please? 😀 At intro
JiWiK 3 månader sedan
Dumpster fire Top Gear :D
Andrie Carigo
Andrie Carigo 3 månader sedan
I didn’t last two minutes. Ur voice is annoying
Bloodreign137 3 månader sedan
I got so much anxiety seeing that pod filter hanging that far under the bumper just waiting to suck up a puddle of water
Kevin B
Kevin B 3 månader sedan
the cera looks like a crx made love to a precidia
Ethan Kim
Ethan Kim 3 månader sedan
So the more riced your car is, the more girls will pick you up.
Emdzej 3 månader sedan
30:00 I'm sorry but my brain went 86 too..
Matt Struhs
Matt Struhs 3 månader sedan
i like the green one
Corey 3 månader sedan
Marty's tires are what won him the burnout and lost him the tug of war lol
no grease garage
no grease garage 3 månader sedan
Says sporty spoiler: Me still trying to find it: 🧐😒
yesterday tech95
yesterday tech95 3 månader sedan
Fun fact the Toyota 5efe engine is found in the North American Tercel years 95-2000. The 5efe was also in the starlet and paseo.
B. Hessing
B. Hessing 3 månader sedan
In America we got the non-turbo Sr-20 in the Nissan 200sx SE-R. That was my high school car, and even though it was pretty pedestrian looking it was SO MUCH FUN to drive. I really miss that car. My brother threw a rod through the block redlining on the highway. That being said, I would love an NX coupe just like Moog's.
Lauren Baulch
Lauren Baulch 3 månader sedan
Can pick up a twin turbo 1jz soarer for cheap as, lets see how that goes against em haha also from the 90’s
Stefan Dodd
Stefan Dodd 3 månader sedan
Is everyone just ignoring that moog has changed or painted and put a scoop on his bonnet/hood
weksauce 3 månader sedan
Hectic reckless hoon behavior, 10/10!
Navi 3 månader sedan
With all that wind I’m just wondering what mics y’all used
Jahleye Davidson
Jahleye Davidson 3 månader sedan
You should call the static car sound challenge a rev match
vast active
vast active 3 månader sedan
Without the embarrassment of actually owning a convertible 😂😂😂😭
Ed Wilko
Ed Wilko 3 månader sedan
I'll have the green one plz dont destroy her anything can be saved we rebuilt a 1958 bus from just photos and a rusty mess. cost more than worth but saved it
8alakai8 3 månader sedan
haha like the video from the racing quad only you are going to slow for them to fly good
Jacob Kachinskiy
Jacob Kachinskiy 3 månader sedan
Where Tf did that bonnet for the nissan come from? Wasn't it white with no scoop before?
suubyleggy 3 månader sedan
What about a Canadian burnout?... don’t forget about us!
Igniter 3 månader sedan
Can it deliver tofu??
Рэй Чехов
Рэй Чехов 3 månader sedan
2000$? You can by 10 years old Lada with this amount of money. Shit, i want prices like this
lementime 3 månader sedan
Those are insane for 2k
Tyrell Sanchez
Tyrell Sanchez 3 månader sedan
Rubber + liquid = Goodnight out.... Hahahaha I'm dying... 🤣
Johnny Appleseed
Johnny Appleseed 3 månader sedan
Does Marty realize infinity and Renault is Nissan?
TiltingT Pinball
TiltingT Pinball 3 månader sedan
Sounds like my last Toyota
Disrespected Evo
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