BLACK CH-OPS // Testing Mods and SKIDS! 

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In this episode, we take our car for the first drive, test out the mods and check its ability for dropping some hectic skids!
Launching operation BLACK CH-OPS. We put our epic stealthy sleeper to the test to celebrate the launch of Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. Will it survive in a world of deception, action, 80s vibes and a solid session of tyre frying? With all new period specific music and 4K cinematogrpahy, this is one of our most epic episodes yet.
Feeling inspired? Get your hands on the game if you haven’t already. Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is available now: www.callofduty.com/blackopscoldwar
The BLACK CH-OPS series is sponsored by Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War
Also something to note around Mighty Car Mods: we are normal guys and are not trained mechanics. We like to make interesting car mods and show you how we've gone about it, but we can't promise that anything we show you will work for your particular car, or that you won't harm yourself, someone else, your car or your warranty doing it. Please be safe, be responsible and unless you know what you're doing, do not fool around with very serious machinery just because you've seen us make it look so easy. Talk to a qualified mechanic if you are in any doubt. Some of the products featured in this video may be supplied by sponsors. For a list of our current sponsors please go to mightycarmods.com

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13 nov 2020



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Mighty Car Mods
Mighty Car Mods 3 månader sedan
The car will live on - so what's happening with the car now? We've actually owned it for a while and it will live on as a long term project car and stoked that we got some initial funding to help kick off the process and make this conversion possible! We had a super tight deadline on this build and did the whole thing in a matter of days. Now we'll be able to give the car the time and attention it deserves to continue to turn it into an absolutely monstrous street and track car. Thanks to the gang at Brintech and the crew that helped us with all the mods. We hope you like the new music in this episode - it was made using legit analogue 1980's technology and if you're interested we can post up a video how it was made. We proudly edit all our own videos. There's no production company or agency here / it's just the two of us editing the videos, recording the audio and making all the music, with a couple of our mates helping with cameras so a big thanks to them too. Thanks to everyone for supporting the show and we hope you enjoy the skids! You can read more about how we fund our episodes here: mightycarmods.com/blogs/news/who-is-going-to-pay-for-it
Todd Smith
Todd Smith Månad sedan
Did you ever fix the rust?
Toby White
Toby White 2 månader sedan
Just a heads up you’ve got tonnes of comment spam on that article! Keep up the great work guys... keep inspiring us!
Matt Thambirajah PT
Matt Thambirajah PT 2 månader sedan
absolutely beautifully done team MCM!
pepehuan 2 månader sedan
Now that you have ended the sponsored part, please throw away the damned computer, the smoke and all that sh*it, and give back the dignity to that amazing car.
second account
second account 3 månader sedan
Pls stick some fresh bmw badges on it
jocrp6 8 dagar sedan
Damn straight E30!
jennekke 8 dagar sedan
I’m just sad about the rc :(
Daniel Schmid
Daniel Schmid 10 dagar sedan
This car is so cringe how can you not love it? It's not always about making the best chopper, it's about having fun and doing what you feel like doing. This tickles my inner nerd and I just love it. Great job guys!
Anything Stuff
Anything Stuff 14 dagar sedan
I want this soo badly 😭😭😭😭😭😭
S325i BMW
S325i BMW 14 dagar sedan
E30 definition of the 80s ❤
jonzo22 21 dag sedan
Chalitha Gautamadasa
Chalitha Gautamadasa 23 dagar sedan
Love this car oml
SHANNON SPEAR 27 dagar sedan
To much typing need key binding to Fcontrol keys
Fifencjusz Månad sedan
You know living in central Europe there is alot of german cars around. And since my classmates in highshool starter getting their first cars i told my self that my first car is not going to be a wv or bmw (because all my friends got something wv and I want to be a bit different) but seeing this shiny black E30. DAMN BRO !!! Im adding something like this to the list of possible cars to buy if i become rich one day. ( Which is unlikely but you gotta have some dreams)
InsanityMonkey Månad sedan
@12.56 what's the track playing?
RR Showtime
RR Showtime Månad sedan
Cold War CW 33 Hoax.
Shivam Agnihotri
Shivam Agnihotri Månad sedan
Wish you had a BLACK KEYBOARD 😂 insane mods tho 💯
SneakerHeadBryant Månad sedan
Reminds me of my car mines just a sedan tho
Norbertthebear 2 månader sedan
you guys need to make a company that sells these! ill be your first customer!
Muntii on Cars
Muntii on Cars 2 månader sedan
1:08 WHERE IT ACTUALLY STARTS..!!!! Honestly loved the built. I been watching this channel for years now!!! well done to everyone..! *PURE CAR ENTHUSIASTS MAKING HIGH QUALITY CINEMATIC ENJOYABLE CONTENT*
Dominic Hudson
Dominic Hudson 2 månader sedan
Poor RC lol
Jonen Pelit
Jonen Pelit 2 månader sedan
I should do this to mine
Thomas Bzdil
Thomas Bzdil 2 månader sedan
My first impression was hey why do you bother with that sliding license plate when you can purchase one that flips license plate for another like in Taxi movies from aliexpress. Just after pausing the video, it instantly hits me. "Wait. That's illegal." I think that license plate "holder" they have is not exactly legal everywhere, but it is sure easier to explain than second set of license plates. :D Anyways, love the car, love the video, been watching you guys from the video of blue turd mods. Guys gave me enough confidence and motivation to mod my own rides to some extend but mainly I learned so much (especially about law restrictions for different mods in different countries) on the way. Take care everyone.
Pigpen_revenge 2 månader sedan
Holy shit, this is the perfect car !
Rami Hammemi
Rami Hammemi 2 månader sedan
color ??
imvarda 2 månader sedan
6:50 minutes of 'we're going to show you something'
TEAM STREET OWNERS 2 månader sedan
This car is the best If I was a secret agent I would take this car for missions
Al 2 månader sedan
Nice car and "paint job".
MassiveTrackHunter 2 månader sedan
Honestly some of the best homegrown Tracks on youtube. This intro track does not disappoint. Great mood. Massively cool.
MoVieZafterMidNiGhT 2 månader sedan
Baja Black Jeep 🦄
Cody Maverick
Cody Maverick 2 månader sedan
yo whats that dope rock song called pless
Fil Magnoli
Fil Magnoli 2 månader sedan
so you've hacked together a "Tesla-ish" electronics into an old Beemer ... looks like you guys had fun at it. Enjoy.
Рома Кисель
Рома Кисель 2 månader sedan
Best realise 😻😻😻
Рома Кисель
Рома Кисель 2 månader sedan
I love that 😻
Новости Живых граждан СССР
Все супер ребята, я когда то писал, е30 может дать эталонный дрифт! Поставьте кресты в фары, это такой тюнинг по тонированию фар. Приезжайте Россию на зимний дрифт!)
Артем Сурин
Артем Сурин 3 månader sedan
Специально нашел оригинальное видео, что не ставить диз BMI RUSSIA....MCM вы отстой! Такую шляпу унылую творите что смотреть не возможно. Скучно, тупо, одноразово....лишь бы что -нибудь слепить и выложить. Очень разочаровался в вашем канале.
J J 3 månader sedan
If you are 15, this is great moves for you.. Just exhaust sound, hidden camera, tiny smoke machine and number plate? For real?😕 burn it.
Виталий Чубаров
подарите пожалуйста мне этот автомобиль))
Sergiy Che
Sergiy Che 3 månader sedan
Awesome car duds
Vadim Tlusty
Vadim Tlusty 3 månader sedan
Bimer Taim
Paul Morris
Paul Morris 3 månader sedan
What’s are those headlights
Nikola Mikulčić
Nikola Mikulčić 3 månader sedan
Car is fucking amazing but dude, can we put it for a second to a side and speak about music!?, that shit is Sick as it gets, I want a link where to get more and where to buy it!!!!!
SportbikerNZ 3 månader sedan
Cool to see something a bit different like this.
GamerSX PSN 3 månader sedan
That shot at 13:05 with the flare. Wow!
Jonathan Saliba
Jonathan Saliba 3 månader sedan
This video is great and all, but man can't stop listening to Tunnel Run by Moog! It's a masterpiece especially at the end when the solo kicks in! Cyberpunk vibes..much respect Moog
Тимур канал
Тимур канал 3 månader sedan
А где здесь русские коменты ??
Ryan Arnold
Ryan Arnold 3 månader sedan
Does anyone know where this location is?
Spend Time With The Lord
Spend Time With The Lord 3 månader sedan
Old qwerty keyboard with windows buttons (windows 7 or vista era).
André Palma
André Palma 3 månader sedan
this is so cool!
Pops Smith
Pops Smith 3 månader sedan
Tiny Little Pieces- Internal Combustion
dielauwen 3 månader sedan
A car that needs such computer junk is really not impressive. Not living in snow country you do not understand such lack of impressiveness about Skids. Skids with a 53hp Vw bug on snow or ice are just as much fun for a tiny price comparatively. CAT agres with a growl Grrrrrrrrrrrr. But I like old Bimmers and a turbo Nissan v-6 3.5 is a bettter swap.
beasteast23 3 månader sedan
Now making drift tax go up on e30’s
Jon Murray
Jon Murray 3 månader sedan
Portland cement works!
Jonathan nzioka
Jonathan nzioka 3 månader sedan
Can i have this please
Cap’n Grimm
Cap’n Grimm 3 månader sedan
This is beautiful! I love E30s! Now all that's left is for you guys to make it talk
Joe Bersani
Joe Bersani 3 månader sedan
Car looks epic !! Love this channel !!!!
Pr0jeCtPa7 3 månader sedan
That intro song was 🔥
bowen voowy
bowen voowy 3 månader sedan
I’d say that this episode has the best MCM soundtrack ever. I hope Moog releases it on iTunes.
Jordan Williams
Jordan Williams 3 månader sedan
He released it!! Favourite MCM song so far is, "Tunnel Run"
Lupe Salomon
Lupe Salomon 3 månader sedan
She is Gorgeous
bowen voowy
bowen voowy 3 månader sedan
the camera work is incredible. great stuff guys love the build
Velociraptor 3 månader sedan
That's funny I know where are aha
Someoneudontknow1231 3 månader sedan
Definitely one of may favourite sponsored cars keep up the awesome work gents
zijuiy wttuy
zijuiy wttuy 3 månader sedan
I think... i hate COD :-|
zijuiy wttuy
zijuiy wttuy 3 månader sedan
1:31 Can I use like 15-20 seconds of this for a twitch intro xD
jdmbryce 3 månader sedan
So many locked characters
zijuiy wttuy
zijuiy wttuy 3 månader sedan
Chriss 144
Chriss 144 3 månader sedan
Awesome to the fullest,needs lowering and a bit bigger wheels tho🙃
zijuiy wttuy
zijuiy wttuy 3 månader sedan
Man that E30 looks menacing. I love it. Awesome 80s music in the intro.
PumaChris85 3 månader sedan
What a beauty. And the synthwave tune is awesome too :)
Daniel Rowley
Daniel Rowley 3 månader sedan
Anyone know what they did to there headlights I want to do the same to my E30
High Flya
High Flya 3 månader sedan
Really? A punch button start? .....SO LAME!!!
Smilog 3 månader sedan
With that torque and power how you can keep that stock brake sistem? You need to upgrade the calipers.
ZE_GERMAN 3 månader sedan
Your Headlights are blinding me mate
Ajay Wagaskar
Ajay Wagaskar 3 månader sedan
After replace the keyboard by 60 percent black one and a 3d printed mount for it (My fellow suggestion😅)Like if you also want that! To be replaced.
El Nuevese
El Nuevese 3 månader sedan
Nice 5.11 bag. Subtle touch.
Thomas Diersch
Thomas Diersch 3 månader sedan
.so serious
Evan Landry
Evan Landry 3 månader sedan
What song is this
Jono Waugh
Jono Waugh 3 månader sedan
the camera work is incredible. great stuff guys love the build
cheese aye
cheese aye 3 månader sedan
That red and blue section of the tunnel is sick
FireLordCanti 3 månader sedan
Man that E30 looks menacing. I love it. Awesome 80s music in the intro.
letiferds 3 månader sedan
I think... i hate COD :-|
kn803 3 månader sedan
Simon McFeely
Simon McFeely 3 månader sedan
What the hell did I just watch - guys , seriously
Ellis D
Ellis D 3 månader sedan
can someone tell me the metal/rock song they have been using for the last few episodes as i can find it anywhere???
A.J. W.
A.J. W. 3 månader sedan
Those roller shots at the start were epic!!! Love the headlights -- excellent job on this one legends!
Kim Soerensen
Kim Soerensen 3 månader sedan
Love the production on this, and I love how the car looks, but what ever happened to the BMW competing with the Lotus? Wasn't that originally the whole point of this car?
CHINITOMEX99 3 månader sedan
I swear mog make some BANGERS soundtracks for their videos 🔥
P King
P King 3 månader sedan
That car is NASTY! LOVE IT!
Matthew Sarll
Matthew Sarll 3 månader sedan
Awesome looking car guys, fit a black BMW badge rather than covering it up though, think it would finish off the car perfectly!
Kilbot73 3 månader sedan
Need an IBM Model M keeb for Cold War era accuracy
khongbiet1000 3 månader sedan
Supporting GUN VIOLENCE! yay
DuhDuh 3 månader sedan
basically filmed the powertrain swap, interior gut, and some BS "software". Although I did enjoy it, it wasn't like the old MCM, every bits and pieces was filmed, like many other channels, it goes to the pooper when a sponsor comes onboard with a deadline. Super happy that you guys are getting sponsors and making content, but this wasn't up to the old MCM standard. Still good! just leaves more to be desired.
9 hundred
9 hundred 3 månader sedan
I did this 20 years ago!
Beau 3 månader sedan
I freaking love this show! Right on mcm crew!
V 3 månader sedan
Blacked out bmw wow /s
abd bach
abd bach 3 månader sedan
That front end of the car with that engine looks and sounds better than most muscle cars and it doesn't shout small pepe.
nooranik21 3 månader sedan
Remember when Miles set up the HVAC controls to unlock higher performance modes on the Haltech in the original Gramps before the rain. It'd be kinda epic to see them do that again.
nooranik21 3 månader sedan
My inner 10 year old wants this so bad.....
sotuur aeei
sotuur aeei 3 månader sedan
Awesome production and writing on this episode :)
Fabian 3 månader sedan
All those gadgets and gimmicks take away from the build. That LS BMW is awesome, just take all the other crap out.
sotuur aeei
sotuur aeei 3 månader sedan
So fun and awesome!
Piko Island
Piko Island 3 månader sedan
It's sad that people forget that cars are supposed to be fun. These mods are exactly what I would've wanted in a car as a kid. Who didn't watch Speed Racer and think "Damn, I want a car that can do all these cool tricks!" Obviously this isn't street legal, but it's super awesome and I bet it was tons of fun to play around with. I'm jealous!
Nick Termeer
Nick Termeer 3 månader sedan
Like others have already said/asked, when and where can we get the music from? I hope its available soon as its epic!
seropserop 3 månader sedan
Are you driving with the highbeams on
Pedro Augusto De Assumpção Geraldes
Wow, what a nice build!!
forzer45 3 månader sedan
It disturbs me that they didn't clean the lens on the right high beam...
Jacob Schultz
Jacob Schultz 3 månader sedan
The idea that this is stealthy is ridiculous. This car is freaking awesome and everyone who sees it knows it. Love it
James Battese
James Battese 3 månader sedan
Anyone else think its time the boys build an rb25/30 drift missile?? 🤔
T R 3 månader sedan
This is shit!!
SwiftFantom 3 månader sedan
A black car going through a tunnel with lights is absolutely gorgeous.
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