4X4 Jimny Build - Essential Off Road Mods 

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The build of our mad little Suzuki Jimmy continues as we prepare for an epic off road adventure...
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18 dec 2020



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Mighty Car Mods
Mighty Car Mods 2 månader sedan
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_ PapaSugar
_ PapaSugar Månad sedan
In Greece we call them Sujuki that means Greek Meatballs :P
Al LaBraun
Al LaBraun 2 månader sedan
@Jeff Tench What about the Udder Mudder Conversation?
Tushar Thaker
Tushar Thaker 2 månader sedan
Kei Sierra Sierra
Tushar Thaker
Tushar Thaker 2 månader sedan
Potential names "Kei Sierra Sierra", "Kei-pabale" 😉
Eugene Garvin
Eugene Garvin 2 månader sedan
Jimny cricket
runforitman 7 timmar sedan
The winch isn't going to use 6kW pulling that thing only problem I can see is if you're too stuck, the winch will then pull more than you can safely supply the alternative being a smaller winch not being able to turn
Leif-Eric Hansens
Leif-Eric Hansens 14 timmar sedan
MOOG as a 4x4 guy MUUD ;)
Shayne Jopson
Shayne Jopson 5 dagar sedan
He’s a typical truck driver with a pole up his arse on the other side of that CB radio
Gus Oosthuizen
Gus Oosthuizen 9 dagar sedan
You guys need to do another cuore
Nicholas Lonigro
Nicholas Lonigro 21 dag sedan
Can you please do a gq patrol
Ryshae Raad
Ryshae Raad 24 dagar sedan
hay mate go to channel 40 and say can I get a radio check and it should work mate
Shelby Shum
Shelby Shum 26 dagar sedan
10-4 is ack'd for radio codes.
Brandyn Hernandez
Brandyn Hernandez 27 dagar sedan
Mightily four wheel drive adventures
eugz 92
eugz 92 29 dagar sedan
Loving the content ,good work venturing out of ur comfort zones haha
Rowdy Ryan
Rowdy Ryan Månad sedan
Whippah snippah > weed whacker
Offroad Garage Austria
Yeah sick jimny guys! the bigger brother of mine 👀 i drive a suzuki samurai 1989 very nice video, you are cool guys keep on!🤟🏻
Jason Xuereb
Jason Xuereb Månad sedan
Are any winches available that will run with the stock battery?
Abe Duenas
Abe Duenas Månad sedan
Jimny Cricket
Quincy Best
Quincy Best Månad sedan
Jimmy the Jimney
Zack Robertson
Zack Robertson Månad sedan
Goes i should say bye 😭 starts cussin him out
Joseph Fletcher
Joseph Fletcher Månad sedan
'JIMNY Savile' for the name.
Ed Wilko
Ed Wilko Månad sedan
Name: " Dirty Jim"
Альберт Буданов
a whole video about the grief? Are you seriously? IMHO it sucks. Greetings from Russia
baby bangin’
baby bangin’ Månad sedan
“the tips are touching” 😂😂
Morten Bakke
Morten Bakke Månad sedan
I'm quite late, but get an oilfeed to the exhaust and call the car for chimney, as it's gonna smoke a lot when driving:>
Miguel Marinho
Miguel Marinho Månad sedan
White mouse. Hihi
cat s
cat s Månad sedan
I hooked my cb straight to the battery and turn it on and off on itself so if the car ever breaks down and I can't start it I can still call for help out in the bush
Brett Watson-Will
Brett Watson-Will Månad sedan
11:20 Funniest thing ever.
Outcast Wanderer
Outcast Wanderer Månad sedan
Just subbed, wanted a video about Jimmy mods. Could do with a rear door shelf for making a brew on👍
Captain Awesome
Captain Awesome Månad sedan
I’m like ok maybe I should get the garmin overlander, then I look up the price and I’m just like” oh fuck...”
Tornike Goguadze
Tornike Goguadze Månad sedan
please track list from video 😵
Joshua Nicolai
Joshua Nicolai Månad sedan
I love that you turned 4wd into a verb and call it 4wding
StevenMartinGuitar Månad sedan
Got to be Jimny Cricket!
Basel Kindi
Basel Kindi Månad sedan
song that starts around 6:00? .. 🔥🔥🔥
iamandreja Månad sedan
Does anyone know about some good quality "automotive/motorcycle" electrics videos? While I'm pretty familiar with mechanics, all I know about electrics is to change a bulb :D
You Tube
You Tube Månad sedan
Less talking shit and show doing more stuff. You actually give me a shore head chatting absolute shite
Gaming with taco
Gaming with taco Månad sedan
from an avid 4x4 enthusiast whos been stuck more times then I can count, I can tell you, you will appreciate an oversized winch so many things come into play yes your jimny is light in stock form but youve added heavier tires, bumper, loaded with gear bringing that weight up then you find yourself stuck you need to think of the type of terrain the vehicle can be suctioned in which damn near doubles the required pulling force. theres been times my 13,500 lbs winch has struggled pulling my 4400 lbs vehicle out of a mud hole the vehicle was suctioned in, front end needing to get pulled over a log that couldnt be seen. you can use a snatch block to lighten the pull force which helps. then theres the fact that maybe you come across a much heavier vehicle that needs a winch in the trail youd be prepared all you have to do is anchor your vehicle from the back to something solid.
Mimmi 205
Mimmi 205 Månad sedan
Song 13:24>
zs6610 Månad sedan
selosk.info 😁😁😁
EnlightenedSavage Månad sedan
Replace the battery with lithium phosphate or lithium cobalt. You can buy special phosphate batteries and make your own pack. It will be safe powerful and compact. You can also make a lithium cobalt pack with even higher energy density but there's a very slight risk fires if there is not a good battery management system.
Dynamic Hypnotic
Dynamic Hypnotic Månad sedan
Stephan Engelbrecht
Stephan Engelbrecht Månad sedan
12:10 quintessentially Australian
jo hawkins
jo hawkins Månad sedan
If it's a dirty Jimny it needs to be called Savile
Jonas Jisendal
Jonas Jisendal Månad sedan
What band is playing at 12.16 - 13.58 ??
Moto Suragi
Moto Suragi Månad sedan
hahahahah best intro it's got me gig so hard
Jarib Branfield
Jarib Branfield Månad sedan
At the 4:45 minute mark my mind took everything you were saying dirty 😂😂😂
Hugh M
Hugh M 9 timmar sedan
That's the point. They do this all the time with the sexual innuendo.
Bearded Drewsky
Bearded Drewsky Månad sedan
Jimny Saville
The Stratisphere
The Stratisphere Månad sedan
4:54 - 6:27 ._.
پوریا شاه بخشی
i dont like it . why dont u aftermarket engine?
Jason9110110 Månad sedan
Poor Issac getting drenched in coolant
lior mautner
lior mautner Månad sedan
I do all myself too Made it look sick Sad i cant put pic here so u can see
DeepPastry Månad sedan
As an American, I'd like to say Consumer Reports can take a long walk off a short pier. It's like the lie that sunk the Corvair, got to sell that fear, so who cares if it's actually the same suspension as the Beetle (and tens of millions of those prove Nadar was a liar) so a full day fails to cause it to roll. The Jimney (Samurai) got 50 pounds placed at the end of a ten foot lever off the side, imagine the surprise that it caused rolling.
Paul B
Paul B Månad sedan
I cant believe after 13 years of videos, these guys still say words ive never heard them (or anyone else for that matter) say. I laughed out loud when he said "daggle daggle handle"
_ PapaSugar
_ PapaSugar Månad sedan
In Greece we call them Sujuki that means Greek Meatballs :P
Cropdaddy Månad sedan
Collaboration idea💡 since you now own a 4wd, maybe, it would awesome I think and hilarious is for you and 4wd247 to do a trip, they teach you how to fourby or even a vid where you teach them how to drift and they teach you how to 4wd Just an idea 🤷🏻‍♂️
Henry Rk
Henry Rk Månad sedan
The cb test was the best 😂😂
That guy
That guy Månad sedan
I realy want your music play list, and nice job guys , im starting with my offroad volkswagen beetle
Igor Verbeem
Igor Verbeem Månad sedan
please tell your guy at youtube to help : life at palos
Draco Venit
Draco Venit Månad sedan
4x4 is a whole other thing lol! I remember once seeing some people compare how slowly they can do a course with 4x4 lol!!!!
YutoSI Månad sedan
The Jimny looks awsome
Luca Malesci
Luca Malesci 2 månader sedan
Suzuki Italia no longer issues homologations and clearances for the older suzuki Jimny and samurai! (My Jimny is from 2001 I wanted to mount heavy-duty bumpers of the type in vogue in Australia and then a winch and a +5 set-up of springs and shock absorbers and suspension! and tires higher than the 205-70-15!) and for the laws of suzuki italy that no longer issues the clearances for the registration approvals of my 2001 suzuki Jimny 4x4 I even wanted to mount the arb blocks of the rear differential and front and the super reduced to the gearbox!
kalelwa makasa
kalelwa makasa 2 månader sedan
04:55 lol
Nate Dizzle
Nate Dizzle 2 månader sedan
Jimney cricket 🦗
Dr. Abraham Van Helsing
Dr. Abraham Van Helsing 2 månader sedan
10 4 or 10 4 good buddy means hearing you loud and clear
roosbin pancan
roosbin pancan 2 månader sedan
Yoo tou guys should collab with “4wd action”
m0neq 2 månader sedan
OMG, the cable tie joke had me in stitches 😂😂😂 well done Moog!
VorticoseComb1 2 månader sedan
bro was so mad on the CB hahahahaha
Jolly Goodbeard
Jolly Goodbeard 2 månader sedan
“ I can get my hand up there and feel that massive hole” .....I’ve heard that before..lol
haywoodyoudome 2 månader sedan
That's pretty much every CB conversation ever. Only difference is here in the US nobody speaks English.
phantomshTTer 2 månader sedan
You don't have to have a winch to be prepared for recoveries, just get a come along. Also there's no such thing as too much winch, you should always have more winch than you need. There's way more factors in a recovery than just the weight of the vehicle. You're pulling the vehicle weight plus mud, incline and most importantly against the inertia of however bad you're stuck which includes suction which can be immense. I once got a dirt bike stuck frame deep in sticky mud that took me, my 350lb friend, my son and my mother to BARELY break the suction and free the rear tire alone.
Thomas William Firby
Thomas William Firby 2 månader sedan
What frequency are you running on your CB
Zed Z
Zed Z 2 månader sedan
Like the shirt
Anthony Baiocchi
Anthony Baiocchi 2 månader sedan
That's at the 'stage' you should replace it with a Land Cruiser😉
da Bogg
da Bogg 2 månader sedan
Name her Mynji
A.J. W.
A.J. W. 2 månader sedan
Moog: "I should just say bye" Dark Kermit Moog: **GOAT YOU, YOU GOAT!!!**
Cameron Grey
Cameron Grey 2 månader sedan
I think you already named it... Dirty Jimmy so 2Lifted DJ sounds about right to me.
Adrian W
Adrian W 2 månader sedan
4 wheel drive people don't do the stage one, two, three thing because we aren't weirdos... well maybe, just the mall crawler set.
timcanoeing 2 månader sedan
So many people don't understand the way the signal comes off a UHF aerial.. If you have a light bar, turn it vertically and switch it on, that light is effectively the beam of signal.. all well and good facing forward but on your higher gain antenna's 6 and up.. that signal shooting rearward will be blocked by your car body. Case in point, if you have a permanently mounted roof rack, get a folding bracket and mount your UHF antenna up there and it will thrash the backside of anyone with a bullbar mounted system! If you go to your local communications specialist and ask how they run their coms 9/10 will have roof mounted systems for this very reason!
baby yoda partake
baby yoda partake 2 månader sedan
Jimny Cricket
mr non
mr non 2 månader sedan
Well that's Australia for ya
paul brandrick
paul brandrick 2 månader sedan
Got to be Jimmy cricket
SleeperJunky 2 månader sedan
I found a name "Purity Poser". Just cause you say your winging it
Lordnegaduck 2 månader sedan
it should be named "Oil Beef Hooked"
James 2 månader sedan
As if ARB didn’t jump on this. Would be awesome to see them fully kit out your Jimmy #ARB
Rob 2 månader sedan
Moog's 4WD name should be 'Choppah'
GrimmOzzy 2 månader sedan
Cap'n Gaza
Livertia Haywood
Livertia Haywood 2 månader sedan
oblio125 2 månader sedan
Jimny KICKIT. That's a big 10-4!!!
Scott Tillman
Scott Tillman 2 månader sedan
Jimny Cricket
Rick Nelson
Rick Nelson 2 månader sedan
Jimney Hoondrix
Oreo Torres
Oreo Torres 2 månader sedan
Next 4x4 they should do is a Landcruser or Patrol 🚓
General Pinochet
General Pinochet 2 månader sedan
Mcm x rohny dhal
Jedidiah Kharshiing
Jedidiah Kharshiing 2 månader sedan
please do a suzuki samurai (suzuki gypsy) in india; for the next mcm off road episode series please...
Captain Jack
Captain Jack 2 månader sedan
I'd like to make my nissan qashqai a bit higher and more stable, any up coming shows that include that?
Captain Jack
Captain Jack 2 månader sedan
Merry Christmas to you and your family and all your subscribers 🎄
Al LaBraun
Al LaBraun 2 månader sedan
KnoKnu, pronounced "know knew" or with an umpty depending on your point of view.
sean power
sean power 2 månader sedan
What’s the song after the CB conversation?.
L Herrera
L Herrera 2 månader sedan
“10-4” means “okay” or “got it” in trucker or police officer language
Tony Murphy
Tony Murphy 2 månader sedan
Jimny Crickets That's the name
7supersnake7 2 månader sedan
I should just say bye.. 2 seconds later #@#$@$@#$@###@
manny s
manny s 2 månader sedan
why not just keep a battery in the trunk with jumper cables and put it in series with the installed battery to run the wench? Removing it just sounds silly... or to be real running 2 long battery cables to the back takes a few mins at most... that wench might have been worth it to keep... as for the naming "Bob" seems like a good name!!!
Paul Orozco
Paul Orozco 2 månader sedan
There's only one name I can give a car called a Jimny, it has to be Cricket.
David Handke
David Handke 2 månader sedan
Jimmy Crikey.
nikoli barashnikov
nikoli barashnikov 2 månader sedan
12:24 what the song called?
The Big Jimny Build Part 2
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